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Hiking In The Adirondacks: Day Hikes

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Adirondack All Seasons Guide Service is available for guided day hikes in the northern Adirondack region throughout the year. Whether you are a solo traveler, couple, family, or small group of friends (up to 6 people), we would be happy to help you plan an experience based on your desires and ability level at a time that works for you. Trip possibilities include trails that meander through varied forests, along the shores of beautiful waters, and a variety of mountain experiences including summits for the 46er High Peaks, Lake Placid 9er, Saranac Lake 6er and Tupper Lake Triad challenges.

We are available for trips most weekends through the winter and spring seasons and with advance reservations during the summer and fall seasons. The locations we are most familiar with include the areas around the villages of Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Keene Valley, Paul Smiths, Tupper Lake, Long Lake, Newcomb & Blue Mt. Lake.

If you are interested in planning a hiking trip with us, please submit a Plan A Trip form. Let us know how long you would like to be out (hours to several days), what your interests are, the number of people in your group, etc. and we'll provide you with some trip suggestions and options. Trip details, directions to the meeting point, a packing list and other pertinent trip information will be provided once a trip is decided upon and reservations are made. Please contact us with any questions you may have, for more information, pricing, trip suggestions and/or to make reservations for an experience of your choice. Last minute inquiries are welcome and subject to availability. Visit us on Facebook to see what we are up to, where we've been, and for trip opportunities that don't get posted on our website.

We recommend that hikers come prepared for our rugged Adirondack trails so we have provided a list of clothing and gear that you should bring with you. CLICK HERE FOR the HIKING CLOTHING & GEAR LIST. Day packs and trekking poles available at current rental prices.


Guided Half Day Trips: Plan A Trip form

We prefer to keep the maximum group size at 6 people. We will accommodate up to 8.

HALF DAY HIKE, CROSS COUNTY SKIING & SNOWSHOE TRIP (approx. 3 hrs) - Beginning at $150 for 2 people; $35 each additional person up to 6 people.
$200 for 1 person.

Guided Full Day Trips: Plan A Trip form

We prefer to keep the maximum group size at 6 people. We will accommodate up to 8.

MODERATE DAY HIKE, CROSS COUNTY SKIING & SNOWSHOE TRIP(approx. 4-5 hrs) - Non-high peaks. Beginning at $160 for 2 people. $50 each additional person up to 6 people.
$300/day for 1 person.
HIGH PEAK DAY HIKE (up to 7 hrs) - Less than 10 miles. Beginning at $185 for 2 people. $50 each additional person up to 6 people.
$325/day for 1 person.
LONGER HIGH PEAK DAY HIKE (up to 10 hrs) - More strenuous high peaks 10-13 miles. Beginning at $195 for 2 people; $50 each additional person up to 6 people.
$350/day for 1 person.
EXTENDED HIGH PEAK DAY HIKE (10+ hrs) - Very strenuous high peaks 14+ miles. Beginning at $220 for 2 people; $65 each additional person up to 6 people.
$400/day for 1 person.

Quiet Water Trips & Nature Excursions,Saranac Lake Wild Forest,Bog River & Ten Rivers Region,St. Regis Wilderness Area,Essex Chain of Lakes, Henderson Lake,Upper Hudson River

CONEY MT. (Tupper Lake) This hike is an enjoyable trek through a mostly open forest. Coney Mt. (elev. 2280') is one of the Tupper Lake Triad Challenge peaks. This summit provides beautiful views in all directions including some high peaks and Big Tupper Lake. Wonderful views for a minimal effort. This is a 2.2 mile round-trip.

GOODMAN MT. (Tupper Lake) The hike to the summit is 1.7 miles with the first 0.75 miles following an old road. The remainder of the trail is a bit steep but the spectacular open views makes the climb well worth the effort. Goodman Mt. (elev. 2178') is one of the Tupper Lake Triad Challenge peaks. This is a 3.4 mile round-trip.

MT. ARAB (Conifer) This a pleasant hike that starts off climbing through a mostly hardwood forest. Mt. Arab (elev. 2545') is one of the Tupper Lake Triad Challenge peaks offering beautiful views of lakes and mountains in the Tupper Lake area. The summit has one of the remaining fire observation towers in the Adirondacks. Both the fire tower and observer cabin have been restored by the Friends of Mt. Arab. This is a 2.1 mile round-trip.

AMPERSAND MT. (Saranac Lake) Ampersand (elev. 3353') is one of the most popular hikes in the region and is designated as one of the Saranac Lake 6er's. The bald summit offers a stunning 360 degree view from the bold face of the Seward Range to the more distant High Peaks to the Saranac Lakes below. There are some steep, tough areas with rock face and some bouldering along the way but it is well worth the effort. This is a 5.4 mile round-trip. Across Rt. 3 from the trailhead is a crescent-shaped beach, perfect for a post-climb swim.

HAYSTACK MT. (Raybrook) Not to be confused with the High Peak Mt. Haystack! This one is in Ray Brook and offers a friendlier climb (elev. 2864'). A pleasant woods walk with a final steep climb leads to an open rock face and ledge. There are 180 degree views of Whiteface, the High Peaks, and the Saranac Lake chain.. This is a 6.6 mile round-trip.

SCARFACE MT. (Raybrook) One of the Saranac Lake 6er peaks (elev. 3054'). The first half of this trail follows old roads over relatively flat terrain through coniferous forest and past rippling brooks. Eventually the trail begins a steady climb. Side trails lead to an open ledge with views overlooking Oseetah Lake and the Saranac Lake chain. The other views on the trail require some bushwhacking, and the summit itself does not offer a view. This is a 6.8 mile round-trip.

MCKENZIE MT. (Lake Placid) The highest peak of the 6ers (elev. 3822') visible from many locations in Saranac Lake and is easily recognized due to its 2 peak shape. Views from the top are extensive, from Whiteface Mountain to the north to Mount Marcy to the south. A ledge to the west of the trail offers views of the Village of Saranac Lake and the Saranac Lakes spread out beyond. There are multiple approaches to this peak. This is a 7.2 mile round-trip from the Whiteface Inn trailhead.

ST. REGIS MT. (Paul Smiths) This hike is an enjoyable trek through a mostly open forest. St. Regis Mt. (elev. 2865') is one of the Saranac Lake 6er peaks and has an open-rock summit with a restored fire tower offering a magnificent unobstructed 360 degree view. The climb is rated as moderate, except for the final ascent to the summit. McKenzie and the High Peaks can be seen to the south. Directly below is a stunning expanse of lakes and ponds within the St. Regis Canoe Area. This is a 6.6 mile round-trip.

OWLS HEAD MT. (Long Lake) This rather prominent peak in the Long Lake area is made up of four separate summits, two of which are referred to as the horns. These horns give the mountain the look of an owl's head - a great horned owl's head to be a bit more exact. Atop its tallest summit (elev. 2812') sits a restored fire tower and is open to the public to enjoy. Owl's Head has outstanding and vast views from the cliffs, if climbing a tower is not your cup of tea. This is a 6.2 mile round-trip.

BLUE MT. (Blue Mt. Lake) This is a very popular two-mile trail leading to a rocky summit (elev. 3760') and accessible fire tower with sweeping central Adirondack vistas. The trail gains elevation and crosses a very attractive stream along the way. The climbing really kicks in at about 1.25 miles and continues to be quite steep as it passes over open rock slabs. This open rock in some areas can be very slippery, particularly on the descent. The steep terrain will leave way for a gentle hike along the ridge to the fire tower on the summit. There is a historic Verplanck Colvin benchmark on the summit. This is a 4.0 mile round-trip.

GOODNOW MT. (Newcomb) Goodnow Mountain (elev. 2685') is one not to be missed by anyone who is in the area. Reached in just under two miles and generally easy going, the summit has a restored fire tower and a sweeping view that includes 23 of the High Peaks. There is remains of old building foundations and an old horse barn left over from former logging operations on the way to the fire tower. This is a 3.8 mile round-trip.

HURRICANE MT. (Keene) A wonderful open peak summit with a fire tower open to the public. Hurricane Mt. (elev. 3694') offers one of the best full-circle panorama views the Adirondacks have to offer. The climb to the summit is moderate for a fairly long ascent distance. This is a 5.3-mile round-trip.

ROOSTER COMB LOOP (Keene Valley) This trek goes to the crest of a craggy little peak in the Keene Valley area that offers superb views from the broad summit ledge a few yards from the summit. Barara McMartin described such as "a crescent of crags 250' high, topped by a half acre of open rock with a view that will make you want to jump and shout." This is a moderate 5.3-mile loop hike.

DEER BROOK GORGE & SNOW MT. LOOP (Keene Valley) A very scenic trek encompassing a variety of terrain and forest features in the Keene Valley area. The route will take you through a beautiful gorge lined with a multitude of small falls and cascades. There is a cave at the base of the vertical cliffs that line one side of the gorge and a waterfall a bit further up Deer Brook that is over 80 feet high. You'll climb some to get to the overlooks on Snow Mt., a smaller Adirondack peak offering splendid views of many surrounding High Peaks. The descent will take you down Flume Brook, to a trailhead located a mile from the starting point on RT 73. Cars can be shuffled prior to the hike to avoid having to walk a mile along RT 73 between the start and finish points. This is a very scenic, moderate 4.2-mile trip with a 0.5 mile section that is more difficult.

PITCHOFF RIDGE TRAVERSE (Lake Placid) This moderate 5.2-mile hike is a traverse over the open ridge that lies north of Cascade Mt. outside of Lake Placid. Pitchoff Ridge is actually a series of small summits connected by a rather varied and exciting trail. This hike offers exceptional views of the High Peaks, Cascade Lakes, Sentinel and Jay Mountain Ranges as it meanders from summit to summit. For our guided trips we park vehicles at the ending point and shuttle hikers to the starting point.

NOONMARK MT. LOOP (Keene Valley) Enjoy the quietness of the woods and breathtaking Adirondack beauty of the Keene Valley area on this loop hike to the bare-rock pinnacle of Noonmark Mt. (elev. 3556'). Noonmark's summit offers a breathtaking panorama encompassing most of the major Adirondack High Peaks. This is a moderate 4.8-mile loop.

GIANT'S NUBBLE LOOP (Keene Valley) This is an interesting loop hike, taking you to Roaring Brook Falls, the Giant's Washbowl and the Nubble in the Keene Valley region. A small, rocky knob known as Giant's Nubble (elev. 2760') offers some interesting views of the slides on Giant Mt. This is a moderate 4.7-mile loop with a few places where the trail climbs steeply.

CATAMOUNT MT. (Wilmington) Catamount Mt. (elev. 3168') is one of the most spectacular peaks in the Northeast Adirondacks. Catamount is a smaller prominence in the High Peaks region, but is considered by many to be one of the classic shorter hikes in the area. It is often overlooked because of it's smaller stature, which is a huge mistake. This mostly bare mountains offer one of the few sustained "Alpine type. It's open rocky summit offers unobstructed views in all directions with Whiteface Mt., Taylor Pond and Silver Lake dominating the panorama. The climb includes a nearly vertical chimney in the rock on the scramble up to the summit. This is a moderate 3.6-mile round-trip.

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